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Meet the Counselors Part 6

Camp is just a few short weeks away!  We’re beginning to feel that summer breeze as we continue organizing, moving and cleaning up camp in preparation for session 1.  Until then, Meet Mason, Abby, Corinne and Tommy:


Hello! My name is Mason, and I’ve been a camper for twelve years, this being my first as a counselor. I live in Muskegon, MI, and currently attend Fruitport High School.  I’m a little bit of a musician, and I’ve casually played the ocarina for a few years (think of a flute shaped shaped like a teardrop). Otherwise, I’m a fan of writing and other creative pursuits.  I’m really excited for foil dinners this year; the food at camp is always the best, and Tuesday nights are no exception! Capture the flag is also noteworthy, as nothing is better than the traditional red versus blue rivalry.

Abby's Camera 1250 (1).jpgHello Pendy People! My name is Abby, and I go to the University of Michigan to study art & design! I’m from Muskegon Michigan originally and this will be my second summer as a counselor at camp and my 9th summer overall! Along with art, I love music- I’m in an acapella group at U of M and I’m a piccolo player in the marching band! Camp is my favorite place in the world, and I can’t wait to eat foil dinners, sing camp songs, and meet a bunch of awesome people. See you SOON on the shores of Big Blue!

IMG_2412.JPGHey! I’m Corinne. I live in North Muskegon, Michigan and will be a senior at NMHS in the Fall. I started as a day camper, then resident camper, then CIT, and this will be my 9th summer at Pendy and my first summer as a counselor. I couldn’t be more exited! I love being outdoors, hammocking, sailing, tie-dye, singing, and traveling! I am so excited to make new memories doing what I love, in the place I love the most. I can’t wait to meet all of you this summer. See ya there!

Tommy.jpgHey everyone! I’m Tommy and I just finished my first year at the University of Minnesota. I love Pendalouan a lot, and this will be my ninth year here at camp, and my third as a counselor! My favorite things about camp are capture the flag, turtle bay, scatterball, and all you campers that make Pendalouan such a cool place! Outside of camp you can find me playing hockey, fishing on a Minnesota lake, or hiking on a cool trail. Prepare for a really fun year at Camp Pendalouan!


See you soon, campers!

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